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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Coming on April 10 in Dubai

Annual electronics show is going in Abu Dhabi and we hear lot of announcements in show. Recently, Samsung official announce that Samsung S6 series will hit UAE market on April 10, 2015. 

The announcement of Samsung S6 is also confirmed by big dealer like Sharif DG. They said more than ten thousand customers already booked Samsung S6 in DH 200 and those customers will receive smartphone on April 08.

They also said that S6 white and gold demand is higher and more customers are ready for pre orders. According to dealers, price of S6 series is as follows:

  • Galaxy S6 32GB Dh 2,599
  • Galaxy S6 64GB Dh 2,899
  • Galaxy S6 Duos 32GB Dh 2,699
  • Galaxy S6 Duos 64GB Dh 2,999
  • Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB Dh 3,099
  • Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB Dh 3,399
  • Galaxy S6 Edge 128GB Dh 3,799
In 2014, this electronics show attract more than 60,000 visitors last year with revenue over Dh 40 M .

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Twitter Announce to Open Office in Dubai

As you know that first arab social event is going on and we hear many new announcements. In arab social event, a big news is that Twitter announce to open new office in Dubai. This announcement is also confirmed from Twitter by a tweet.

Twitter already has world wide offices and the purpose to open office in Dubai is to capture the whole arab market. With world wides office, twitter's earning has boost with over 73 percent.

Currently Twitter has more than 28 M active users and 23% are from US. I hope that with new open in Dubai, active users will increase. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

4 Tips to Make Worklife Healthier

In modern world, we made our life bust and we don't have enough time for our self. I live in Dubai and life is also fast even i saw many people to have breakfast in metro. In this situation, i ask question from myself that how can i make my life health during on job. So i follow my 4 steps only and now i'm health than before.

1. Get Natural Light: During a study, it is found that sun light is health for us. We get vitamin  D and also safe from many diseases. In morning i just give 10 minutes to take fresh air and natural light and i saw deep difference in my health. 

2. Healthy Food: Every day, in morning i take 1 cheese sandwich, a bottle of milk. In lunch time, i eat fruits only and in dinner i take fresh juice with some snacks. Snacks are good for health but make sure that you should have health and hygiene.

3. Plant in Office: As per study, it is found that plants keep you fresh every time and help to reduce tiredness. It is notice that the people who have plants, take less sick leaves than those who have not any plant. So i buy one plant for me and it is on my table in office.

4. Pet in Office: If you love alone, you must have a pet like kitten, parrot or a dog. Actually they are yur friends and they keep you happy. As per study of British, pets help to keep lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and are even less prone to minor / serious health issues. So i bought 8 parrots and i m much happy than earlier.

In total, my life is totally change after above 4 steps. 

Monday, 16 March 2015

2015 Top UAE Companies List Revealed

Every one came in UAE with a dream to get handsome job with a reputable company. But many of job seekers did not get job in first visit even with a small company. Many of guys are luck and get job with a firm or a multinational company.

A recent survey was conducted in whole UAE to identify the best companies for work and as per survey, only 15 companies are found to be a best employer. 

Survey result is based on feedback from the staff, HR and from the audit department. Two third of survey's result is based company's trust from employee. The other part is based on detail questions ask about pay, benefits, bonuses and job satisfaction of employees.  

From all of UAE, many companies participate in this program but surveyor selected only those companies who corporate and who give detail information about questions asked. 

Here are some companies:
  • Hyatt
  • Marriott
  • Estee Lauder
  • WeberShandwick
  • Leminar
  • Fun City
  • Apparel Group
  • FedEx
  • MasterCard

Apple Plan to Launch iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s

Today, there is new I saw on internet that Apple the giant, is planning to launch new iPhone version, may be iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S. This is also heard that new model will be launch in pink color also. So it is a good news for ladies to have a dream of their favorite color. 

The question is what will be the new in upcoming iPhone except color. So as per rumored, new iPhone 6 will be equipped with technology called "Force Touch". This type of technology already used in Apple watch. The purpose of force touch in iPhone to make easier calls, text messages etc.

The other best feature is that upcoming iPhone will be water proof and it is said that it will better that Sony. It is also said that Apple will use some king of coating except sealing of phone. However it is not clear that this new technology will hit at this year end or not. 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Arab Social Media Summit in Dubai on March 18

Here is good news for all people living in UAE that vice president and ruler of UAE approve first social media summit, will be held on 17th and 18th March. The organizers of this social media summit ask that this is first type of event in the history of UAE.

In social media event, we will see big celebrities like inventor of Hash tag, inventor of Facebook, future of smart games and from technology, health and education etc.

The summit commette also said that on Arab social media event, they will also announce the awards for those people who contribute their ideas and their valuable time to create positive environment. This award will also encourage people to bring unique ideas to make world more sociable.

On second day of Arab social  media event, there is arrangement of health food from the famous chef, series of fashion from famous fashion designers and also a beauty event for ownerable guests.

Lets wait for more updates about first social event.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Microsoft Foldable Keyboard - Features and Specification

In 2nd century, world is moving very fast and every day we see a new invention in technology. Let's meet with a new impossible technology, Microsoft Portable Keyboard. 

Microsoft recently launch a new fordable keyboard that can be paired with 2 devices at a same time. This can be use with tablets, mobiles, laptops etc and there is one button, if you press, you can use 2nd device attached with keyboard. This fordable keyboard is fit for travelers specially.

The size of keyboard is ideal. You can easily place in your pocket. Microsoft fordable keyboard is made of fabric, also water proof and dust free. Initially device price is only $100 and it is available at Microsoft store. 

Friday, 13 March 2015

4 Important Things Required to Claim Home Insurance in UAE

In UAE, rent of properties are very high and in this scenario, to buy a home is like a dream. And if you buy even a small house, insurance is compulsory. Many of people in UAE don't know how to claim insurance in UAE. Here are five important steps you need to follow to claim insurance from companies like Oman insurance, RAS, AIG etc.

1. Complete the filing process with the insurance company. Get the application form from insurance company, fill it and submit. Filing process for all companies is almost same. After filing, company will review the case, either it is damage case or replacement.

2. Now attached documents with your application. These includes police report, pictures of damage house, estimated claim of repair, civil defense report in case of fire etc. If you lost your documents during fire, don't worry. All insurance companies knows very well and they adjust with few documents.

3. Now wait for the claim. it may takes 5 days or 1 day, all depends on insurance company, nature of claim, nature of damages etc. 

4. If you lost valuable things in fire like furniture, jewellery, money, electric equipments, you can claim also. but some of small insurance companies don't have policy to claim such things.  

Result: Many insurance companies provide you alternate house or give you lump sum amount to buy a new one but small small companies just repair your home only. So always choose big and reputable insurance company.

UAE Launch API Security System

Dubai airport is business airport of the world. I live near to Dubai airport terminal 1 and after every 30 seconds, i saw a plane for takeoff and landing.

If we talk about security, the security of Dubai airport is very strict as European airports have. But every day any body came back in UAE on fake passport if he commit crime before in UAE and ran away. But now UAE launched a new security system called API (Advance passenger information). This system was launched at end of 2014 and till now successfully working.

According to director of security of UAE, API is the system that alert Dubai authorities before the arrival of the passenger. If some one travel on fake name and try to enter in UAE again, he or she will be arrested on airport. For this purpose, initially there are 30 airline that require to send data to API of every passenger like name, passport number, thumb prints, eyes scanning, nationality and lot of information. 

As per director statement, they are extending airline range and soon all airline will be required to submit data in API to secure our border from criminals.

VPN Use is Now a Crime in Dubai

As you know that in UAE most of the websites are blocked for safety and security and that is good action from UAE government. These websites includes adult content, blackmailing services, hacking and lot of other stuff.

But most of the people in Dubai use VPN services to block these websites. After the huge increase in VPN users, Dubai police decided to take action. According to police officials, VPS usage is now a crime and actionable under UAE law. 

As question asked from Saeed Al Hjri, replied "Tempering in internet services is a crime". According to cyber crime department, it was always against UAE policies to temper internet. Dubai police also said, once suspect is identified, we will continuous monitor. Hence sou moto action can not be taken but charge can be filed against culprit. 

Conclusion: Don't temper any internet service. Always follow the UAE's law and policies. If you don't, then you will be responsible for troubles.